IT system

NG Heat offers energy management services using its own cloud-based IT platform



The IT platform supports the management of energy sources and accumulators, including heat, installed directly in buildings or as part of a microgrid that supplies a set of buildings with heat/cooling/electricity



The IT platform also makes it possible to manage thermal comfort and control lighting in individual rooms of buildings (residential, public, commercial and others)



The functionality of the IT system includes among other things:

  1. Automatic and remote setting of the desired temperatures inside individual rooms of the building
  2. Automatic and remote control of the operation of  heat substations/energy sources/microgrids, including batteries and renewable energy sources
  3. Optimization of battery charging and discharging aimed at flattening the thermal or electrical power consumption profile
  4. Controlling the operation of dispersed renewable heat and electricity sources integrated with a heat substation or microgrid aimed at minimizing energy consumption costs
  5. Optimization of the heating curve on the central heating installation in the building in relation to the way the building is used and the internal temperature settings on the thermostats
  1. Balancing the demand on heat and electricity by the building with their supply
  2. Providing building owners/managers with a series of reports regarding electricity and heat used and costs (building heat balance, electricity balance, energy consumption costs, historical variables from the building premises and the heat substation/energy sources/microgrid)
  3. Providing building owners/managers with information on forecasted outdoor temperatures and demand on heat
  4. Providing building owners/managers with reports on the cost savings achieved by implementation of the IT system and renewable energy sources
  5. Detection of disturbances in the operation of internal installations
  6. Providing room users with a mobile device app to control operation of thermostats

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The IT platform allows integration of devices working with various communication protocols, including Modbus, Z – Wave, ZigBee, KNX and others