Together we are creating something great!


NG Heat is establishing cooperation with partners implementing solutions focused on energy management using a cloud-based IT platform, including installers of heating substations, renewable energy sources, integrators of SmartHome and IoT solutions, heat or electricity providers


NG Heat conducts training courses on the integration of devices operating in heating substations, renewable energy sources and devices in the area of building automation, including IoT, with an IT platform operating in the cloud and enabling energy management. The scope and timing of the trainings are set up individually with interested individuals and entities


NG Heat cooperates with leading scientific centers in Poland, including in the areas of environmental engineering, automation and computer science. NG Heat initiates and carries out research and development work together, and also creates a platform for the exchange of information and experience. Many of the solutions offered by NG Heat were developed in cooperation with leading universities in Poland or their representatives

Heating companies

NG Heat enters into cooperation with district heating companies aimed at jointly offering services related to the installation of renewable energy sources in heat substations or as part of the district heating network, providing a cloud-based IT platform for energy management in buildings and optimization of energy consumption. The cooperation model provides for the sharing of tasks and benefits of jointly offering such solutions to end users of district heating companies

If you are interested in an offer of cooperation, please contact us by e-mail: